Pete's Research

Project methodology for One Place Studies

  • Phase 1 Create new transcriptions of the Parish Marriage Registers of churches in the Parish for the years 1813-1911 and by comparisons with Baptism Registers and Census try to place the Brides and Grooms into their respective families using the father's name and occupation.

  • Phase 2 Creates new transcriptions of the Baptism Registers, infilling children missed in phase 1.

  • Phase 3 Creates new transcriptions of the Census hence infilling family members not found during the previous phases 
  • Phase 4 will be creating new transcriptions of the Burial Registers also infilling family members not found during the previous phases
  • Phase 5 will be to repeat the above process for neighbouring Parish Churches

 During all these phases some individuals will prove impossible to place correctly into a Family group, and a GRO certificate will be required, a very expensive option and that is why the Certificates ordered, once entered into the database, will be offered at a large discount in order to fund this ongoing requirement

This is not going to be quick! We could save thousands of hours by using the commercial Transcriptions available but I have discovered that the error rate is appalling, with misspellings common place, entire pages of Registers missing and some one has obviously decided that a lot of time can be saved when transcribing Marriages by automatically populating the Father's surname using the Participants Surname, not a great idea when dealing with Widows!

 Other sources such as "FamilySearch" have also been cast aside as source material as, during one of my earlier Village studies, I discovered that Banns Register entries were being entered as Marriages regardless of the marriage actually taking place or not. So now you know why some people apparently married in 3 different churches on different dates, and why you cannot find GRO entries for some of the "Marriages"

 Another issue with FamilySearch and indeed some other commercial services is that they do not distinguish between Church Registers and Bishop Transcripts (Parish Registers) again causing the same event apparently occuring in multiple places.

Project Progress
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