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Research Database

Researching since 1975

This Database holds Details of 300,000+ Individuals with 10,000+ Surnames, as more than 5,000 GRO certificates have been purchased access to this Database is by donation through PayPal.

One Name Studies (GOONS #5029)

Bullwinkle (and alternate Spellings)

Relations (200,000+)

By Blood -
Bradley Bullwinkle Bunker Hoolahan Jacob Nicholls Royall Stephens Waters Winks Woodroffe
By Marriage -
Goadby Jackman Killingback Martyr Metson Rolfe Stock Waterer

One Place Studies

Bole, Nottinghamshire
Cornish Hall End, Essex
Finchingfield, Essex
St Johns, Surrey (in progress)
Steeple Bumpstead, Essex
Woking, Surrey (in progress)

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Feature Articles

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Project Methodology

Pete has been researching Family History since 1975 resulting in many separate projects, all research is documented here and the linkages between the Projects can be understood.
Before the Internet published Parish Transcriptions many thousands of miles and Hotel rooms covered the hours spent in County Archives creating our own transcriptions of the Original Documents.

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Names, Places and Dates

Description of the Name, Place and Dating Conventions used throughout Pete's Family History Research.

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Pete's Research Database

Access to this Database is by donation through PayPal.
24 hours - £2
1 month - £5
1 Year - £30

Your donation will help purchase more GRO certificates

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Major Projects

The Woking Family Tree Project

This in progress work started in 2012 and aimed to conduct a 'One-Place Study' of St Johns, Woking but soon expanded to include the whole of the ancient Parish of Woking and the Modern Borough.
The primary scope is the Victorian Period but was expanded to include the Families of the Men listed on the various War Memorials.
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